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Quality Management

We provide 45 days warranty for all the products and establish quality assurance system to ensure customer satisfaction. 
Visual Inspection: By utilizing optical inspection and visual inspection techniques, it is possible to determine whether or not components are new and used. Using high powered microscopy we can detect simple tell tale signs such as body cracks, sphere and body contamination.
Electrical Testing: Electrical testing is involving the testing of each contact on a component to ensure that the components are meet the specification of  the datasheet. This is very strong tool to tell us if the component is defective or not
Equipment Inspection: Measure the current and voltage output of the parts to see if the value matches the specification on the datasheet. Function test is avail for many parts. 
Solderability Testing: Metal oxidization often happens. We call it “rust”. On solder, it is referred to as oxidation. Other contaminants such as oil and dust can cause the solder not to make a good connection between the component terminal and the printed circuit board (PCB). It can determine if the devices will be able to be soldered in customer application. 

X-ray & D-cap is avail for some customers' need.

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